• CAIQ v4, the CCM Questionnaire, Now Available

    CSA is thrilled to release the latest updates to the Consensus Assessment Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ), a set of questions that allow cloud consumers and auditors to ascertain a cloud service provider's compliance with the Cloud Control Matrix (CCM). CAIQ v4 updates include streamlined questions, sections on the Security, & changes to the STAR Level 1 submissions document. Download CCM + CAIQ v4 today or visit the blog to learn more about the changes from v3.1 to v4.

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    Hello Daniela, Was the event recorded? I had some major issues today and I couldn´t attend to the event. Thanks ------------------------------ Uilson Souza Cloud Business Senior Analyst - Compliance and Security MARS Global Services Sao Paulo SP BR ...

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    I don't remember the exact module and the context, but most commonly idp refers to a service which provides runtime identity assertion to integrated systems upon user login (ie provides sso to service providers via saml,oidc...). It can also map user ...

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  • Posted in: The Inner Circle

    hi David , Good to see this and eager to see some results  One question,  is deployment model also will be on evaluation criteria ?  For example : if pure SaaS model then typically traffic lands at WAF provider and then sent to intended web application ...

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    RE: Welcome to Circle!

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    Thank you for the invite. Look forward to connect with you all, learn more about security and share my knowledge. ------------------------------ Rao PV Snr. Product Security Lead CTCT ------------------------------

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    Hi Rob, No ... sorry - we don't have experience with IAM Zero ... but I may suggest another setup, where you don't need IAM Zero etc. I can't give you the full insight without Unilateral-NDA, but I've added an intro to ZafePass VPC enclosed. If interested ...

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