CSA Research Artifact Library Access

Over the last 11 years, we have developed an extensive library of over 400 artifacts that speak to many different topics in cloud security. Accessing and downloading research has just become easier through our Research Artifacts Publications Library. Below are a few must-read artifacts:


Engaging CSA Research

As chapter members you have the opportunity to influence, leverage and participate in all aspects of CSA's Research Lifecycle by engaging our Working Groups, Open Peer Reviews, Surveys. You also have access to over 200 previously recorded CloudBytes webinars, which are a great way to stay educated on the latest trends in cloud security and earn CPE credits. 


When in Doubt - Join a CSA Working Group! 

Above is the link to our active working groups spanning many different domains of cloud security. Simply click the working group microsite and you'll have access to the working group description, charter, latest artifact releases and upcoming meetings. By joining a working group you'll have intimate access to the latest technical documents in development, invited to working group calls and opportunities to collaborate with SME's. To get started with joining a working group, you will need to create a profile on our community platform Circle


Circle - Your gateway to CSA resources, discussions and working groups!

Once you've signed up a Circle profile, please make sure to join your Chapter community.  Below are a few steps to follow: 

  1. Click on'Sign In' at the top, and sign in using your preferred mode (Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, email).
  2. Once you're in, you can click on 'Communities', then 'All Communities'
  3. Look for the group of your choice on the list and click 'Join'

The Latest CSA Research